The story behind the name..

The name Flints derives from one of the previous residents of the building, Martha Flint, who between 1878-1926 lived and worked here with her apprentice, Beatrice Haydon.

Martha Flint was a milliner and she supplied the townsfolk of Hitchin with hats.  Records show that the shop later became Martha Flint's & Ebenezer Allsop, before simply Ebenezer Allsop, who continued to Milliner.

The building itself is over 500 years old as its Tudor construction suggests. In the 1970, a fireplace was uncovered on the first floor whilst some alterations were being undertaken. This rather grand fireplace has some fascinating scratched marks with peoples names and dates, the earliest being 1500 which makes it very early Tudor. 

It's proximity to the church suggests that it was a very important building, and in the 16th century a survey of Hitchin Rectory taken by Trinity College, suggested the building was once part of  'The Parsonage House'.

We are still looking into the History of the building and as we uncover more we will be adding it here.... if you have any old photos please bring them in, we would grateful to see them.