Ware Gymnastics Club


We are a Sports Acrobatic Club. Our aim is to display and develop skills of a high standard so that our gymnasts can reach their full potential.

Children get the opportunity to work on a full sized gym floor in which they go over the basic agilities and have access to the trampette and the box which helps further their gymnastic skills.

What is Acrobatics?

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a combination of choreography and complex acrobatic skills performed in partnership on a standard gymnastics floor. Balance, Tempo and Combined routines are performed to music on an area of 12x12 meters, each routine is 2 minutes.

Our disciplines include: Men’s Pair, Women’s Pair, Mixed Pair, Women’s Trio, Men’s Four.


Ware Gym Club
Wodson Park Sports and Leisure Centre
Wadesmill Road, Ware
Hertfordshire, SG12 0UQT